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Hi, I’m Jamie Michelle, an award-winning mindset coach & metaphysical expert dedicated to reconnecting burnt out Millennials to their power. My goal is to help you break through limitations so you can bask in the freedom to live beyond your wildest dreams without anxiety, stress, or fear of the future.

I’ve got a unique combination of skills and expertise that puts me in the top 1% of personal coaches who are fully equipped to help you remove psychological blocks holding you back.

In the show, I reveal all of my expert mindset strategies & success tips so you can get back in control of your life. It’s easy to feel out of control when there’s so much corruption being exposed, but I break it all down for you in the show. It’s a wildly entertaining mix of my own personal life stories, personal development, spirituality, wellness , politics, manifestation, transformation, & mindset that gives you everything you need to rediscover your power.

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