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    Lost Workout Motivation? Here’s How to Get it Back

    Finding Workout Motivation Has Been Challenging This year has affected everyone in more ways than one. We’ve been impacted mentally, emotionally, energetically, financially, & physically. The energy of 2020 in general has been pretty heavy & low. That heavy energy is absorbed by your energetic body whether you’re aware of it or not. What’s absorbed by your energetic body shows up on your physical body. Many people, myself included, have noticed a massive dip in workout motivation because of this. It’s not just because gyms have been closed either. It’s because when you’re feeling down you don’t really feel like moving a lot. That, plus we’re all thinking… what’s even…

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    The One Key to Your Best Body

    Body Image is What I’m Known For Body image is how I got into this field, so it’s probably the single-most popular topic that I get asked about. We’re coming up to – or I should say we’re officially in – that time of year where everyone starts freaking out about gaining weight… Holiday Season. And now more than ever it’s harder to stay healthy when a lot of Americans are locked in their homes & can’t even get outside to take a walk to get some exercise. Right now especially, stress is high and eating good food is a convenient (and pleasurable) way to pass the time. The information…