The Truth is Coming… Be Prepared

What to prepare for

If you’re someone who is absolutely adamant about the fact that President Donald J. Trump is a dictator that’s trying to steal the election from Joe Biden, & that there was absolutely NO voter fraud that happened… I strongly encourage you to start opening your mind to the idea that maybe, just MAYBE, you’ve been wrong this whole time. Because the Truth is coming out, & it’s coming out hard and fast. If you don’t prepare for what’s about to hit you, your entire sense of reality is gonna be knocked upside down & turned inside out.

Our whole lives we’ve been spoon-fed stories by the media that we just blindly accepted without asking questions. Why would they lie to us? But what we didn’t know is there is a much larger agenda than we could ever imagine, & the media is what the elite globalists have been using to desensitize us to certain ideas & to program us to believe certain things… none of which are true, & all of which are detrimental to our country & society at large. But now they’re panicking because the truth is coming.

Let’s start with President Trump

I believe that our country is split 60/40 – 60% of Americans are pro-Trump, & 40% are what are referred to as “Never-Trumpers.” These 40% really need to prepare themselves for hearing the Truth. The only reason they hate the President so much is because the media told them to. They’ve spun lies about him & defamed his character so much because they NEED us to hate him. They need him out of office because he’s blocking their agenda.

Trump is not a racist; democrat socialists are racists – especially Joe Biden, who voted FOR segregation & was extremely close with the founder & leader of the KKK (along with Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama whom I believe gave his eulogy at his funeral). These people are NOT who you think you are.

In fact, everything they have ever accused Trump of doing… THEY’RE doing! President Trump didn’t collude with Russia, they did; Trump didn’t steal any elections, they did; Donald Trump is not a tyrannical, narcissistic dictator… THEY are. It’s always the opposite of what they say! And believe me when I tell you, if they say something is gonna be great for us and the economy, you better believe that it’s gonna be a living hell… INCLUDING this never-ending lockdown.

What about conspiracy theories?

If you scoff at some of the “conspiracy theories” that are out there about this group of elite individuals & pedophilia, satanic rituals & worship, & underground human sex trafficking, & think it’s all a bunch of bologna, I urge you to start doing your own research. Believe me when I say that ALL of the Truth is coming out. People are not who you think you are. If you don’t brace yourself for it, you’re going to be more than heartbroken. A lot of people, when they find out the truth, will suffer from full blown identity crises.

When you realize that everything you’ve believed for your whole life has not only been a lie, but a cover-up for some really dark shit, it creates massive chaos in your life, & the emotional and mental pain that goes along with it can be debilitating. Everything coming out is devastating for ALL of us, even if you ARE ready for it. If you aren’t prepared… if you don’t open your mind up a little bit & start questioning things & accept the theory that maybe there is more to this whole entire thing than what you’ve allowed yourself to believe… the amount of pain you’ll experience will be colossal.

The truth is coming, and there’s nothing they can do – nothing anyone can do – to stop it.

What are they hiding?

They’re hiding more than I could ever begin to cover in just one single podcast episode. But a good place to start is with COVID-19. This entire virus is a sham… a cover-up & a distraction for their end-goal. The whole reason lockdowns exist is to desensitize us to them. If all goes according to their plan, this is normal from now on (this is their plan, but President Trump isn’t going to allow that to happen. THAT is why they need him out of office, THAT is why they switched over 5 million votes & manufactured 17 million fake ones, THAT is why they’ve conditioned you to hate his guts).

With the Great Reset, they’re going to abolish religion; they’re going to abolish private property… you won’t own anything. Not even the shirt on your back. They’re going to force us all to move into small cities – they don’t want anyone in the suburbs because they want to have a constant eye on us. They’re going to chip us – yes… chip us like a GD dog. They want to be able to track us 24/7.

The scariest part [that I didn’t mention in the episode but I’m mentioning here] is that they want to make all currency virtual. That way, if you do something they don’t like, they can just cut you off from your money with the tap of a button. I’m 100% serious. This is what they want to do. President Trump KNOWS this, & that’s why he’s pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord & the WHO. They need the United States, & Trump will not give it to them. But you know who will? Joe Biden.

If you still don’t buy it…

If you still have doubts that any of this is real, & you refuse to look into any of this stuff to prepare yourself, let me challenge you a little bit. What are you so afraid of finding out? Why is it so important to you that you’re right – or that everything the media tells you is Truth? What is it that you’re so terrified of? And is that worse than finding out that everything I’ve said so far is true? Whether you’re ready for it or not… the Truth is coming.

When I first learned all of this, I went through a mini-depression. I’ve always been pro-Trump, & I’m a mindset coach, spiritual teacher, & energy healer… and I went through a mini-depression. If I felt that way with all the work that I do & was already a Trump supporter… IMAGINE how much pain you’ll feel if you HATE Trump & don’t do this kind of work. I’m telling you now… you need to prepare yourself by opening your mind & dipping a toe into these waters. You will be so grateful that you did.

What you can do now to prepare

Just open your mind to the idea or the fact that you might have been wrong. Because if you can admit that now, it will be a lot easier to face the reality when it hits you. Just allow yourself the time. I cannot stress this enough. You do not want to be blindsided with this. Because it’s going to be a lot and it’s going to be overwhelming. It is going to be so heavy and so dark that you are not going to know what to do. And I’m not saying that to scare you. I’m really not. I’m saying it because I deeply care about you & your wellbeing.

The most important thing you can do right now is to start opening your eyes and start building a strong foundation with yourself and with God. Because if you don’t have that solid rock foundation to stand on, you are not going to make it. You’ll crumble & there’s a good chance you won’t be able to recover.

But acknowledge the fact now that Donald Trump did, in fact, win the election with a landslide. The voter fraud is real and Donald Trump will be your president for the next four years. And if you haven’t accepted that yet, you really need to start. And you really need to start looking into who he actually really is because he is going to save all of us, whether you like him now or not.

I’m here to support you

I’m going to be here to support you through this entire process, because there is going to be a period of grief. I’ll help you understand what’s going on & how to move forward from it without allowing it to rip you to shreds.

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Question everything

Do not accept anything you hear at face value. Do not even accept what I’m saying at face value. Question literally everything. Do your own research. And don’t use Google. Don’t use Google. They sold out & have censored so much of the Truth. I use DuckDuckGo as my browser now & I’ve never been happier!

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