Biggest Manifestation Secrets Experts Don’t Want You to Know

Experts Don’t Want You to Know This

The information that I reveal in this episode is typically reserved by mindset & manifestation coaches for their top-paying clients. They don’t want you to be able to learn this stuff for free! When I was a coach, that’s what I did. Hey, ya gotta save the best for the clients who are willing to invest the most, right?? That’s how I used to think… but not anymore.

To be honest, I never felt right about charging clients for this information when it should be universally available. That’s why I decided to ditch the coaching industry & bring all the information directly to you, no investment necessary. My goal is to help as many people live the life of their dreams as possible, & to do that, I’ve got to bypass all that “buy this program” BS.

What Manifestation Is

The word “manifestation” has become a pretty hot buzzword in our society today, especially on social media. You see it everywhere! But the fact of the matter is, most people talking about manifestation don’t really understand how it works. Yes, of course it means to create, to bring something into existence, or to bring about something specific. But what most people don’t understand is that manifestation is constant.

It’s always happening. There is never a moment where you aren’t manifesting your experience. Creation is constant. It doesn’t rest. So right now, as you’re reading this, you’re manifesting your life experience. A little trippy, right? Of course there’s more that goes into it than that. Depending on different variables, some things will take longer to manifest than others. Some things might be developing over a course of months or even years, whereas other things can be instantaneous.

The important thing to remember, though, is that in every given moment, you’re always, always manifesting your reality. Pretty cool, huh?

How Manifestation Works

When we live in this physical, material realm, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine & forget that every moment is a moment of creation. Every single thought, emotion, mood, attitude, belief, behavior, habit… is creating your next experience. You’re either bringing yourself closer to the best version of you, or moving yourself farther away from it, depending on what you choose to think, feel, believe, do, etc. You get the picture.

The way I always explain this to students is by what I like to call “the mirror analogy.” Everything that you see & experience is just a giant mirror. The world that you know is just reflecting back to you… YOU. It’s showing you everything about you – the way you feel about yourself, the way you feel about other people, how you think the world works, how people treat you, etc.

Every single thing that you believe, conscious or unconscious, will show up in your day-to-day experiences. It’ll show up in your relationships, your career, your finances, your health, your weight… EVERYWHERE. And until you learn the lesson of what it is that a specific situation is trying to teach you, it will continue to show up over & over again in different ways. This is why so many people will always say, “why does this keep happening to me!!!” It’s because there’s some belief that they’re holding onto that’s attracting that experience to them, & until they shift it & transcend it, it will continue to do so.

Manifestation Requires Trust

Manifestation is happening in every single living moment. It’s the big stuff & the small stuff & everything in between. There is never anything in your life that you haven’t created for yourself, consciously or unconsciously. You get to create your entire life – or more accurately, you get to co-create your life with God. It takes a high level of trust to understand that & know that God is always giving us everything that we need.

Life is not happening TO us, although it seems that way. Life is actually happening FOR us – to shape us into the person we were created to be. Once you understand that every single thing in your physical world is reflecting you back to you, you become empowered knowing that you get to change it if you don’t like it. It just requires a high level of curiosity & commitment, & following the steps outlined in this episode.

Expert-Level Manifestation Secrets

Here are the main steps to manifestation as explained in the episode:

Step One: Identify the ideal outcome

Get clear on what you actually want – and be specific! Everyone is so crystal clear on what they don’t want, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself what it is that you do want? Once you’ve identified a specific desired outcome, ask for it!

Part of this is actually believing that it’s possible for you. Visualize yourself living in that desired reality, or receiving whatever it is that you’re wanting to manifest. Visualization is powerful!!!

Step Two: Draw in the energy of it

Feel the way you would feel if that desired reality was yours right now. Embody the emotions & the energy of being that now, in this moment. A really great way to do this is to remember a time when you felt all of those things, & allow yourself to go back to that moment to feel it all over again. Then bring those feelings into the present moment. Make it as real as possible. Embodying the energy is ultimately what attracts things to us, so this step cannot be overemphasized!

Common feelings to embody are gratitude (start a daily gratitude practice – highly recommended!), happiness, love, bliss, joy, excitement, euphoria, peace, & freedom.

Another great thing to do is tie this into the visualization exercise from step 1 & try to physically feel your body in that reality.

Step Three: Act as if

Act as if it’s yours now. This step requires some imagination. Think about how your life would be different when you achieve that goal or are in that reality that you’re creating. What do your days look like? How do you show up in life? How do you dress? What do you eat? What are your daily habits like? And do as many of those things as you can now! Start living your life as if it was already real!

Step Four: Let go of control

Let go of any emotional attachment to your desired outcome. I know this one sounds contradictory to all of the other ones, but it’s so important! What this one is really about is forgetting about the “how.” Forget about the details, don’t worry about how it’s gonna happen, or when, or why, or any of that stuff. Let it go & give it to God, & trust that His ways & timing are more than perfect.

A big piece to this step is being at peace with what’s real right now. Accept your current reality while knowing that you’re creating an even better one.

Stop obsessing over it & do your best to put it out of your mind. God is in control. You’ve done your part by asking for it, believing that it’s possible, embodying the energy of it & acting as if it’s yours already. Now it’s time to let go & trust!

Step Five: Prepare to receive

Have patience and be open to receive! Gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving – it tells the Universe that you’re an open channel for abundance to flow through. The way I like to say it is to be in a state of eager anticipation, KNOWING that it’s on its way to you. This is the energetic version of placing an order on Amazon. When you know something is already yours, you don’t constantly obsess over getting it, it’s already processing & you know it’s gonna show up on your doorstep any day now. Get excited to receive your creation!

Other Manifestation Secrets:

It’s important to know that you cannot have even an ounce of doubt in your consciousness that you can have whatever it is that you’re trying to manifest. If you have a desire on your heart, it’s because that thing is actually meant for you. You wouldn’t want something if it wasn’t actually possible. Two cool things to know about metaphysics & how the Universe works are: 1) everything is happening all at once – time is an illusion; & 2) every single possibility exists right now. If it’s a possibility, then that reality exists. If there’s a desire on your heart, then that reality exists! This should give you so much faith & confidence!

Know that truly anything is possible, & the only limits to what you can create for yourself are the ones that you impose on yourself. God wants you to have everything that you desire! He’s the one that put that desire on your heart. That means it’s truly your destiny. All you have to do is believe & know that it’s truly yours. And what’s truly yours can never be taken from you. Follow the steps outlined in this episode, & there is nothing you can’t manifest!

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