The One Key to Your Best Body

Body Image is What I’m Known For

Body image is how I got into this field, so it’s probably the single-most popular topic that I get asked about. We’re coming up to – or I should say we’re officially in – that time of year where everyone starts freaking out about gaining weight… Holiday Season. And now more than ever it’s harder to stay healthy when a lot of Americans are locked in their homes & can’t even get outside to take a walk to get some exercise. Right now especially, stress is high and eating good food is a convenient (and pleasurable) way to pass the time. The information in this episode contains the key to getting & keeping your best body.

You’ve Been Lied To

You’ve been lied to! Everything you’ve been told about your body, your health, dieting, food, & exercise is a lie. There’s a reason why there are more cases of eating disorders & exercise addictions than ever before… and it’s not pretty. We live in a world where corporations are more concerned about making money than they are about their consumers. That’s just the truth.

They will tell you ANYTHING to get you to use their product or service. The diet and weight loss industry is a $288 BILLION industry. And it’s not because they do their job so well and their programs work amazingly… it’s because they DON’T work! Who do you think weight loss companies make the most money off of? REPEAT CUSTOMERS!

These big giant corporations profit off of our suffering. It’s exactly what’s happening with COVID and the lockdowns. Big companies and the government continuously profit off of our misery. Doesn’t that make you so angry you could just explode? It should, because you’ve been taken advantage of for far too long. That ends right here, right now.

Diets Don’t Work

When someone goes on a diet to lose weight, they have success for a little while… but then they go off the diet and what happens? They gain the weight back, & not just all the weight that they lost, but an additional 5-10 pounds as a buffer. So then what? The ex-dieter feels like crap about themself, so to feel better they go hop on another diet. Diet companies KNOW this!!! This cycle is keeping you trapped & dependent on them, and it’s not just in the diet industry. It’s also in our government, our news media… it’s freaking everywhere.

They trick you into believing that you cannot possibly be successful on your own. They make you dependent on their product or service & MK ultra mind control you into believing that you can’t trust yourself OR your body, and that is the biggest lie that has robbed humanity of its super powers. It’s ALL a lie!!! Your body knows exactly what you need. Instead of listening to corrupt diet comapnies who just want your money, you should listen to your body and trust your body… and ONLY your body! NO ONE else knows you like you do, so stop letting other people & companies (who do not give a flying flip about your health) tell you what’s good for you!!! They PROFIT off of making sure that you’re NOT feeling good & thriving!

You’re Programmed to Hate Your Body

The message that our bodies aren’t good enough the way they are is being shoved in our faces everywhere we turn. Because of that, we’re programmed to hate our bodies, & we’re taught that it’s normal to be at war with our bodies, so we body shame ourselves all the time! What you don’t realize is that when you do that, you’re making that experience even more real for yourself. [I talk extensively about creation and manifestation in episode 3, which you can listen to here.]

We’re programmed to hate our bodies, and so we put our trust into things outside of ourselves & our control. But in reality, you don’t need anyone else to tell you what’s best for you… you already know! Your body knows what you need better than you do. Your body is absolutely brilliant & miraculous. It’s doing things we don’t even have to think about completely on its own. Think about that for a minute! Your body is an absolutely amazing creation, so it needs to be cherished & celebrated… not hated & rejected. We’ve got to stop falling for these controlling tactics & bring back logic.

Behavior Change Alone Isn’t Enough

Like I said earlier, diets don’t work and that’s because behavior change alone isn’t enough to make lasting changes. It goes so much deeper than that. It’s not just about the action or behavior itself; it’s about why you’re engaging in a specific behavior or action. We have to look at the motivation or intention behind what it is that you’re doing.

Nothing is going to change about your body (or about anything you want to change) until you change your relationship to the thing that’s causing you pain. If you’re constantly fighting against it, rejecting it, hating it, shaming it, you’re only perpetuating that problem & making it grow even bigger. There’s a saying in the coaching industry that says, “What you resist persists.” And it’s true! It all comes down to energy. [Go back and listen to episode 3 for more details on what I mean by this.]

Your Body is Not the Enemy

What you need to realize is that you are absolutely perfect the way that you are right now in this moment. Nothing about your value changes when your body changes. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be – you don’t have to do anything more, be anything more, or have anything more than you are right now in this body! Realizing this & really embodying it is the most liberating feeling on this planet, especially when you’ve spent your whole life fighting against yourself. Put down the boxing gloves. Your body is not the enemy. It’s on your side!

The thing that’s so ironic is that we spend so much time obsessing about how much we hate our bodies. Or at least I did (and most women do, too). And that’s what’s keeping us stuck! We are addicted to the pain. We don’t know who we are without feeling that way, so we unconsciously become addicted to it, & we don’t realize that the very thing we want to get rid of the most is the exact same thing that we are gripping onto so tight. Ironic, isn’t it?

We think it’s normal to struggle. It’s not normal! Hating your body is not normal! It’s not normal to feel paralyzed by the thought of having a slice of pizza at 2 am with your boyfriend. IT’S. NOT. NORMAL!!!! Stop normalizing fear. Fear is the enemy. NOT your body. Fear is what the diet companies use to keep you hooked on their product, & anything that makes you feel fear is an illusion. It’s a lie. IT’S NOT REAL. I’m going to do everything I can to drill that into your head.

It Starts With Acceptance

The moment you stop fighting against your body is the moment that everything changes. It starts with acceptance. Accept where you are right now instead of rejecting and avoiding it. And when I say “acceptance,” I don’t mean you have to settle for something that you don’t like. I’m just talking about acknowledging what’s real for you right now. Nothing can change until you allow yourself to see what’s real in this moment, acknowledge & accept it – DON’T hate it and reject it – and make a decision to do your best to improve. That’s where all change begins. It starts with unconditional acceptance.

Just start acknowledging what’s real in this moment and allow yourself to see that everything is still okay. You’re still here. The world hasn’t ended. You’re alive & your life is still happening, even though you make not like it. You’re NOT really at the end of the rope unless you decide that you are.

What do You Really Believe?

Remember when I said diets alone don’t work, and behavior change alone isn’t enough, we have to go deeper? We have to go deeper and examine what your core beliefs are about yourself. How do you speak to yourself? What are your thoughts throughout the day? Understanding the answers to these questions give you information as to why you do the things that you do.

We only do things for one of two reasons: 1) to avoid = pain, or 2) to seek out pleasure. People do WAY MORE to avoid pain than they do to seek out pleasure. If you’re not aware of why you’re doing the things you’re doing, you can’t live the life you really want or have the body you want to have. You’ve got to go deeper and identify what your core beliefs are.

What are you hiding from? Physical weight is just a representation of emotional weight. Everything begins energetically. EVERYTHING. Feeling into the pain that you’re trying to avoid is your gateway to your next level. It’s the gateway to becoming your best self.

Your Power is Your Pain

So many amazing blessings are experienced when you allow yourself to finally feel all the pain you’ve been trying to avoid. Suppressing it doesn’t make it go anywhere – it just gets stored in the body for later. To release physical weight, you need to release emotional weight, which means you need to feel. It’s scary at first because, again, we’re taught that feeling anything “bad” makes us bad. That’s another lie. Nothing is bad. Nothing is good. Everything just exists. Everything just is. It’s all neutral. You give everything its meaning. It’s all decided by you.

The One Key to Your Best Body

If everything is a decision & you get to decide, then getting your best body is up to you. But you can’t try to change your body from a place of hate. You change your body by changing your relationship with your body. It’s time to re-establish a solid foundation of trust with your body because right now you don’t trust it and it doesn’t trust you. It’s a process of relearning and reconnecting to it.

The first thing you can do right now to start changing your body is to rebuild a strong relationship with it. Learn to trust it again. Start building that sense of trust by allowing yourself to feel. Just take 5 seconds and breathe deep breathes and let yourself feel what it feels like to be in your body. Get out of your head and come into your heart. Yes, it feels weird at first. You’ll probably feel really uncomfortable. But I promise you, this is how it starts. Take the pressure off of yourself and just let yourself be for a minute, because you are perfect exactly the way you are. There’s nothing left to do. You are enough.

Feel that. Feel what it feels like to know that you’re enough. Feels nice, doesn’t it?

Practice Feeling in the Present Moment

Here’s an easy practice you can use any time, anywhere, to bring yourself back into your body and reconnect with it. Sitting quietly, allow yourself to just be still. Breathe in and out, deep, slow breaths, allowing things to just slow down for a little while. Start feeling what the floor feels like beneath your feet. Feel the chair against your legs and bottom. Feel how your clothes feel sitting on your skin. Notice the air flowing in and out of your lungs. If there’s a breeze, notice how it tickles the tiny hairs on your arms. Feel your eyes inside of your skull (that’s a weird one, I know, but just go with it lol). All of these things bring you into your body so you can really feel what’s going on.

Your body is communicating things to you all day long in every single moment. It’s time to pay attention to them & listen. Your body knows exactly what you need. The key to having your best body isn’t in a special diet or workout program; it’s is IN YOU. The key IS you. You are the key.

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